At Si & Oui, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable designs at an exceptional price.

How it Works

Si & Oui has streamlined the design process for maximum affordability. Here is our four step process creating a personalized, custom and professionally designed space of your own.

Design Packages

The best way to design your home. We work within any budget, big or small. You can start from scratch or work with a designer using  your existing furniture pieces.

Si & Oui designs are best described as transitional. Our work is a balance of classic influences, contemporary lines and personal style. Your home should be your favourite place to spend your time, everyday. We believe in great design without the designer price tag.

Si & Oui is a proud Canadian company. We source from retailers large and small and do not work on commission, so your design needs come first.


Share your Si & Oui style with us!

"This concept was so cool, it saved me so much time."

– Daniel

"I could never have imagined my space would look this good!"

"Package 2 gave me the confidence to redesign my family room. I had been toying with the idea for years."